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How to Remove Dashes from Phone Number in Excel

When using Excel, we often need to manage phone numbers for tasks such as managing contacts, conducting market analysis, or handling customer ...

How to Convert Inches to Meters in Excel (3 Quick Ways)

In this Excel tutorial, you will learn to convert inches to meters. To do this, you can use either the conversion factor or simply use Excel's ...

How to Remove Duplicates from Column in Excel (3 Effective Methods)

TL;DR: To remove duplicates from column in Excel, follow the steps below: Select the column from where you want to remove duplicate values. ...

How to Remove Text after a Character in Excel (4 Easy Ways)

You may need to refine or clean your Excel dataset by removing text after a character. Excel has some built-in tools and functions that you can use ...

How to Remove Text After Character in Excel (4 Easy Ways)

The most convenient method to eliminate or erase text following a specific character is by using the Find & Replace command in Excel. Below, you ...

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 How to Perform Cumulative Sum in Excel (9 Methods)

The Cumulative Sum is very commonly performed in Excel by many people all over the world. It is often called the Running Total/Balance. Cumulative ...


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