5 Best Places to visit in Bangladesh: You can’t miss

5 Best Places to visit in Bangladesh: You can’t miss

Bangladesh is a stunning country with a land size of 1,47,570 square kilometers and several tourist attractions. This country has yet to build its tourism industry. So, this post is for individuals who are seeking peaceful spots to visit. Here is a list of the top five most popular tourist destinations in Bangladesh.

Best Places to visit in Bangladesh

When producing a list of the finest places, there is certain to be some controversy, especially if the list is made in a specified order. As a result, this list is based on my personal choices. Anyone can disagree with this, and they are encouraged to leave a better recommendation in the comments area.

1. Sundarbans

The Sundarbans, the world’s biggest mangrove forest, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sundarbans is located between the two countries: Bangladesh and India. Bangladesh is home to the majority of the forest. It is home to the world’s only remaining Bengal tigers, as well as a diverse range of other species. The Sundarbans’ atmosphere is soothing, and visiting this forest might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Sundarbans is thus ranked first on my list of the top locations to visit in Bangladesh.

2. Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is the world’s longest continuous sandy beach, stretching for 125 kilometers. It is Bangladesh’s most popular tourist destination among locals. The ideal spot to relax after a long journey. Stay at a resort with its own private beach to avoid the crowds. The Wholesale Fish Market in Cox’s Bazar is a fascinating destination to visit while you’re in town. On my list of the greatest locations to visit in Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar is ranked second.


3. St Martin’s Island

St. Martin’s Island is a lovely coral island in Bangladesh’s Bay of Bengal. This is the greatest destination to visit in Bangladesh for beach lovers. The majority of local visitors visit this island for a day excursion. It gets really quiet once they go in the afternoon. When you’re weary of traveling for many weeks around the nation, you may stay in any resort with a private beach and rest on the island for a few days. On my list of the greatest places to visit in Bangladesh, St. Martin’s Island is third.


4. Rangamati

Rangamti is a Chittagong Hill-Tracts district. Kaptai Lake is the main reason for visiting it. It’s stunning man-made lake greenery. A full-day boat cruise on Kaptai Lake is the greatest thing to do in Rangamati. A large number of tribal communities live in Rangamati. You can purchase good-quality handmade fabrics at their handicraft market here. Also worth seeing is Rajban Bihara, a Buddhist monastery. On my list of the top locations to visit in Bangladesh, Rangamati is ranked fourth.


5. Sylhet

Sylhet is a naturally attractive place in Bangladesh’s northeastern region, near to India’s Meghalaya state. There are plenty wonderful spots to visit. Sylhet’s attractions include the green-water canal Lalakhal, the stone-collecting area Jaflong, the Ratargul swamp forest, and many of the city’s tea gardens. In Sylhet, particularly in Jaflong, you can meet a variety of indigenous people. The Khasia tribal people, who grow betel leaves in the jungle, can be met here. On my list of the greatest places to visit in Bangladesh, Sylhet is fifth.



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  1. And you missed sajek, the roof of rangamti. One of the best place to feel the sky inside you, to feel the very yourself inside you.
    And have you ever been to purbachal 300 ft? The place to feel the green inside you.

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