My First Article

My First Article
Think of a river flowing gently for thousands of year. You, a man, only allowed for a very short phase of time compared it on the earth, came its nearby. Then threw a stone towards it. How will that effect the flow of the river? Anything significant? At best, it can cause a very minor effect. In case, that too may not be. 
Now think of a closed pond. You came to its bank and threw a stone towards it. How will the effect be?   


“Do not judge life by the length it had, rather judge life by the intensity it possessed.”

We come again to the story of the pond. What happens when we throw a stone to a pond rather than a river? First It creates some small ripples, then it creates some big waves which will gradually rush towards the shore. You know, your life is just like that small pond. Small events like the stone may cause drastic change in your life.


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